Process Manager - Data Quality

Bangalore Full-time


At Simpl we use a lot of data in order to make decisions. Data comes from man sources; our app, our merchant partners, and third party data vendors. All of our machine and human processes are highly dependent on it; broken data results in bad decisions. We need a process oriented manager to ensure that our data inputs work correctly, that errors are rapidly detected, and ensuring that everyone across the organization is aligned with this.


- Understanding of data pipelines

- Understanding of data quality

- Experience of 3-4 years in running quality management processes

- Experience with at-least one Business Process Automation tools like Jira

- Basic understanding of some coding language and architecture (like what are SDKs, what is JSON, what is APIs)

- Ability to wrangle a lot of humans and get stuff done in chaotic environment. Developers, salespeople and most other people view data as secondary to their primary job; you need to make sure they get it done.

- Sense of ownership

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