Data Scientist

Bengaluru, Karnataka, India Full-time

We are looking to hire a data analyst who can work closely with the Business product team.

This team will be responsible for taking care of all sorts of ad-hoc analysis and data centric problem solving

Primary Skills Required :

1. Non Negotiable

a. SQL

b. Fluent in working with data libraries in python namely Pandas and Numpy or R

c. Problem solving skills

d. Communication skill


- Ability to abstract the complexity of analysis while talking to business owner; both verbal and written communication should be top notch

e. Culture Fit

i. A sense of ownership team player

ii. Not picky about the work that they would be doing, basically do anything that helps to fix the problem

iii. Comfortable with chaos and be able to work on ad-hoc tasks without losing focus and accuracy

iv. Ability to push back to get a better understanding of problem rather than executing the suggested solution

2. Average Competency

a. A decent understanding of creating presentations and visualizations

b. Experience of working with any BI tool like Tableau, QlikView, QlikSense

c. Basic Statistics


- the Central tendency, Hypothesis testing

d. MS Excel


- vLookup, hLookup, Pivots

3. Good to have

a. Exposure to pyspark

b. Exposure to AWS tools

c. Experience of working in an early stage startup



What would the hire be working on :

- Problem-solving for business and products using data as a tool

Example of currents set of problems:

- Our user conversion is dropping on a particular merchant. Analyse and understand what are the reasons behind it.

- Bizdev wants to launch Simpl inset of new cafeterias and deploy BTL marketers in this new cafeteria. Based on historical data, recommend if they should be deploying marketers in the new cafeterias or the effort is futile.

- Product managers want to understand who is the best set of customers for Simpl and what are their characteristics.

- We have identified certain dimensions and metrics that Simpl should be tracking regularly. Put it live on the dashboard so that it can be tracked effectively.

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