Offline Launch Manager

Bengaluru, Karnataka, India Full-time

About Get Simpl Technologies Private Limited (

In a world connected by mobility, money should be effortless. Your favourite shops should know you’re trustworthy, just like your neighbourhood Kirana store does, so you’re never wasting time. This is our mission here at Simpl, to make money simple, so people can live well and do amazing things.

Our first product is Simpl Checkout, the fastest way to buy online. Simpl Checkout allows customers to buy now at their favourite merchants and pay any time within 15 days. Whether it’s lunch, movie tickets, or just groceries, Simpl helps your reputation work for you.

About the Role:

Selected candidate's  day-to-day responsibilities include:

1. Manage the on-field marketing activities and create awareness about the brand across India
2. Understand the P/L of the marketing and come up with ideas for offline marketing
3. Responsible to hire & train interns from local colleges who will be educating users about the product
4. Engage with stakeholders/admins of the promotion sites to make sure events are running smoothly
5. Work with product team internally to give insights collected from the ground and help to shape them into product features