Head of Data Science

Bengaluru, Karnataka, India | Technology | Full-time


Head of Data Science:

Simpl offers a superior payment experience ( industry high success rates, time to transaction and refund success )  that is enabled by credit. We have a spectrum of users who may range from an average credit seeker to someone who values convenience of our superior payment experience. Our users do not behave like typical borrowers, but it is imperative for us to safeguard our capital. This forces us to revisit conventional lending wisdom and develop a  fresh understanding of capital management for credit driven payments. 

Be it an A/B test to better understand delinquencies for users based on changing marketing messaging or underwriting users based on alternate data with no direct financial correlation or maximizing credit utilization using past behaviour, we strive to use data to answer questions that could make a business impact. 

As a Head of data science, 

  • You will take the lead to provide direction on large scale business problems.
  • You have technical maturity to deliver designs and algorithms that set the standard for the organization. 
  • You have a distinct ability to identify and implement robust, efficient and scalable solutions that leverage multiple techniques and/or technologies.
  • You will understand and quantify cross-organization, cross functional team trade-offs to implement mechanisms to ensure that business value creation persists.
  • You will hire the best, and maximize their potential by constantly raising the bar
  • You will act as the face of our data science internally and externally including investors


You will be able to perform better if you have,


  • 8-10+ years of exceptional hands-on experience in building and applying Machine Learning and analytic applications to deliver business results
  • Experience developing and managing strategic Data Science/ML roadmaps to advance business capabilities.
  • Demonstrated thought-leadership with a passion for translating data into action and business insights.
  • Good communication skills, management and leadership experience in applying quantitative solutions. Having an ability to explain analytical concepts to a non-technical audience is a must.
  • Prototyping skills (e.g., R/Python)
  • An advanced degree in a quantitative field, computer science, or related engineering discipline.


About Simpl


Simpl (getsimpl.com) is the payment platform for the mobile-first consumer centric world, backed by some of the best names in fintech globally.

In a world connected by technology, managing money should be simple. Whether you're buying your favorite books online, splitting a dinner bill with your friends, or paying for a cab ride, making a transaction should be as easy as pressing send on Whatsapp. That is Simpl's mission to make money so easy, that people can focus on living well and doing amazing things.


The first product is a payment platform that lets people buy instantly, anywhere online, and pay once in 15 days. Think Amazon one-click for e-commerce. In the background, Simpl uses big data for credit underwriting, risk and fraud modelling, all without any paperwork, and enables Banks and Non-Bank Financial Companies to access a whole new consumer market.


Simpl was co-founded by Nitya Sharma and Chaitra Chidanand, and has Joe Saunders, Ex Chairman and CEO of Visa as a board member.


Everyone at Simpl is an internal entrepreneur who is given a lot of bandwidth and resources to create the next breakthrough towards the long term vision of making money Simpl. This means that you have to be highly self-motivated, extremely intelligent, out of the box & resourceful thinker, team player, with can-do attitude and high integrity.