Technical Recruiter

Bengaluru, Karnataka, India Full-time

Why are we hiring this person?

- To make amazing hires.

- To create an employer brand that will serve as a motivator for candidates to join us.

Responsibilities :

- Determine applicant qualifications for positions - defining what the best looks like for a given role.

- Arrange candidate interviews - Create a process for a good candidate experience.

- Play multiple roles - Marketing, Sales and PR from recruitment perspective.

- Building relationships with internal and external parties

- Influence hiring decisions.

- Impact Simpl's hiring brand.

- Thinking ahead - Building teams for the long term future. 


Will measured on :

- People management : Candidate, Vendor and Internal partners

- Employer Branding : Quality & Quantity of incoming CV VS Sourced VS Vendor

- On Boarding : Manage end to end Pre joining to ensure no dropouts

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